Technical support


Marketing and communication tools

Galénic – Competition designed for Facebook, game administration tool to facilitate the moderation of uploaded images, integration with Facebook.
Jeep Renegade– Competition designed for Instagram, game administration tool, integration with Instagram.
Patrimoine en partage – Creation of a drag and drop form for publishing school books. Management of the publication authorisation of the different parties involved: students, moderators, teachers.
Sisley - Competition designed for Facebook, 4 languages - 20 countries. Development of games administration. Integration with Facebook.
Turenne Capital - 4 WordPress showcase sites - adaptation of WordPress templates.
Académie Charpentier – Interface to edit e-mailing templates. Automated capture of emails from the website News contents.

Content management tools

Aramis Law – Made to measure CMS in PHP, Multilingual, Responsive.
Auditorium Le Monde – Simplification/trandfer of a Joomla site on WordPress.
Catella Patrimoine– Adaptation of MySQL data to facilitate Penelope XML exports.
Vatel Capital – For Monsieur Bricolage and Speedy layout and printing of PDFs from MySQL data.

Strategic Tools

HYDROMARKET – Development of marketplace functionalities for NOP Commerce. Hosting on Azure, integration with Hipay.