Operational support

Operational support for Project Management teams

Media Entreprise supports its customers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation. Our assignments are structured to enable you to optimise your financial commitments.

– Establishment of the user's specifications
– Analysis of processes with the users
– Testing of new scenarios with the users
– Calculation of the ROI of specific developments
– Implementation of user rights
– etc.

Managed services

Media Entreprise can also set up a team and tools to manage a transformation project. Example of managed services: From 1998 to 2013 Media Enterprise supported the international development of a large French company in the luxury sector. We have set up a team of 13 people to ensure the creation, update and delivery of the products documentations at new subsidiaries, agents, and Duty-Free shops, in 87 markets. We have changed the existing processes and we have developed tools to enable optimal management of the translations in 31 languages : referencing of the products documentations, management of the documents orders, printing, shipping and billing of 87 markets, with a strong commitment to respect half-yearly updates deadlines.